I'm not an ugly ducking anymore. I'm a swan.

I’m in California (SanFran area).. I guess it’s hot everywhere? lol

oh ok! yeah, it’s kinda hot everywhere this year. better than last year though, last year i wanted to die. i remember days where it was over a hundred and i sat in front of a fan sweating all day just hoping the apocalypse would come and end my misery 

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it’s really slow actually and HOT haha.. ick

it IS hot. i have 0 ac. i live like a dinosaur lol. you’re in the us, right? which state or part?

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glad you’re okay! :)

thanks anna! i feel great. glad to be back on tumblr. having a good summer?

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Mean Docs - Part 1

After receiving messages from more than a few of you about where I’ve been, I decided to just put it out there. I’ve been MIA all summer for a few different reasons. 

So to recap, I’m basically back on tumblr now for the summer. I’m healthy. I miss all of you. And if I didn’t respond to your message personally, send me another or hopefully this cleared everything up for you. 

The end.

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The people who come running to hug you after you haven’t seen them in awhile are my favorite type of people.


Jackson Avery + facial hair

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Sarah Drew Expecting Second Child | People.com 

can i just take a minute to mention how much i’ve missed tumblr over the summer and how cool i think you all are? because its true

She has a big belly for like 5 Months pregnancy. Maybe they will hide and after birth she has to wear a fake belly.

she does. that would make sense too. the timing might be off so they’ll have to do some creative editing either way. 

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It works perfectly she is 3 months pregnant and so is April this probably the way Shonda wrote to fit Sarah’s pregnancy for once

yep. i just remember how loose her scrubs were and seeing her waddle last time. freaking adorable :P

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  1. applejacksotp said: …it would match up perfectly. Either way, it’s gonna be the freaking cutest thing ever! :)
  2. applejacksotp answered: I agree! They might jump a few weeks ahead since April’s barely past her first trimester and Sarah seems to be 3 to 4 months pregnant, so

yep!! i cannot wait. i really really need to see what happens lol

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i think she’s entering the 2nd trimester and tbh, with scrubs they can hide anything. Shonda say no time jump in the first episodes but say no more. The sides from E01 suggest that at least a day have passed after the end of S10.

true. that’s definitely right. but i just wonder how it will progress i guess.

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they have hid baby bellies on the show before though so they might just hid it?

true. but i want to see her actual belly on the show :D

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They might do one after the premiere since Shonda said that the first two episodes will take place only hours after the events of 10.24.:)

ohhh. thanks lady. i’m so behind on my grey’s news. that would work. so they basically hide it the first two then. that would work because it’s like the best of both worlds imo. what do you think?

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