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Grey’s Anatomy 10x17 Extended Episode [Full episode]

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jessehimself do you think jackson would have been able to get past the denial about his hand in 10x17? you know his character better than anyone.


Brooklyn’s Finest


Brooklyn’s Finest



deleted scene - 10x17

John Legend departs from LAX

John Legend departs from LAX


Top 10 good things about episode 10-17. 

Callie and Arizona’s deleted scene from 10x17 (Extended Episode)

Jackson & April’s daughter | season 10 episode 17 deleted scene

Anonymous said: I'm Lindsay. I love Japril. Jesse Williams is hot. Sarah Drew is adorable. My specialty is live blogging Grey's every Thursday night.

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Cristina and Zola’s deleted scene from 10x17

Chief Meredith in the 10x17 AU Extended Episode.

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